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Resonant Readings

The Voice of a Modern Bellman

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Jaron Elliott Ferguson

Jaron= "He will sing; he will cry out."

Elliott= "with God"

Ferguson= you'd think it's Irish, but it's actually Scottish--meaning that I'm generally opinionated and kind of stubborn, but truth and honor are important to me. The other side of the family is full of Georges and Bennetts--British to a tea. (The puns!) As a result, I've inherited a degree of tact that has saved me from a multiplicity of embarrassments and fist-fights--but unfortunately, not all of them.

I believe that names are important, that they tell you something about people. I especially enjoy discovering the meanings of names; it's like reminding someone of a greater destiny every time I speak it. If you hadn't guessed from my name, I trust in Jesus Christ, who was the substitute for my past and future sins, and I act out my faith through giving faithfully to my church and volunteering in the community (homeless shelter called the St. Louis Dream Center, local soup kitchens, and donation collections).

I am an English literature major for now, but I'm considering public relations or journalism for a second degree. The public's perception of these professions is not always optimistic, which is why people of honesty and integrity are needed to infiltrate the ranks of the spin doctor types. It is likely, however, that I'll simply teach as was my original plan.

At present, I work at a Christian retail chain. I think that everyone should work retail for at least a few months in his life just to learn patience. Trust me, you learn to be more than patient working among the varying denominational mindsets that accompany our customers and influence every purchase. One mention of a particular translation of the Bible to the wrong person--well, let's just say I would have calves of steel from all the backpedaling!

And then there are oranges. I like oranges, but they're rather messy to eat.